Alan Winnett
Vice President

Like many parents, I only found out about Candlelighters when our youngest daughter, Natalie, was diagnosed with leukemia in June of 2022. Finding out that our child has cancer and starting treatment was an overwhelming experience for our whole family and at that moment we felt very alone. Being told about Candlelighters, receiving support, becoming part of a community, and realizing that we are not alone has made an immense difference to our family.

We’ve seen at firsthand the difference that Camp Delight and the other events throughout the year have made to Natale and her sister Kate.  We are early into our cancer journey with years of treatment yet to go but know that this community will be here for us and others for the long haul. So,  BECAUSE KIDS CAN’T FIGHT CANCER ALONE, I want to give back, help support other families and ensure this organisation grows and prospers.